How we work...

Our way of working coincides with our philosophy. We think that to produce wine we don’t need invasive treatments but rather a lot of knowledge both in the vineyard and in the cellar. It is very important to succeed in obtaining healthy grapes. We therefore believe in the most natural intervention possible in the vineyard, eliminating the use of any chemical or synthetic substance. Even in the cellar we try to respect our philosophy using the knowledge accumulated over the years. We do not use selected yeasts to make wine and do not alter the wine in any way.

In the Vineyard

In the vineyard we operate organic farming and we have abandoned any synthetic compound. We only use copper and sulfur. We firmly believe that a great wine is born above all from how we work in the field. The harvest is performed strictly by hand with the help of cassettes

In the Winery

We do not use selected yeasts in the winery, but we let the must ferment spontaneously. We do not make corrections, filtrations or modifications of any kind. We therefore try to improve the uniqueness of our products.