All our wines are the result of our idea of winemaking and of a lot of work and research from the vineyard to the cellar. Since our first vintage, 2007, we have tried to bottle more sustainable wines trying to improve our method. We work only with naturally occurring yeasts and therefore we do not use selected yeasts to help fermentations because we want to make our wines unique every year. We do not carry out clarifications, enrichments or filtrations that would significantly modify our products. To date we produce 7 labels, all different from each other but which at the same time represent a unique territory such as the BERICI HILLS.



Pietrobianco is a blend of pinot bianco and tai bianco grapes from old vines harvested towards the end of August. After having pressed the grapes, the must is left to ferment spontaneously. At the end of the fermentation phase it is left to stabilize for a few weeks before being transferred to steel containers where it will remain until bottling. Unfiltered wine


Our GARGANEGA It was born in 2013, with the first harvest of a small and very young vineyard surrounded by greenery. Every year we collect the grapes in boxes and de-stem them without pressing them, then letting them rest for about five days with the skins. After pressing, it remains for a year in stainless steel tanks before being bottled. We thus obtain a fresh wine with golden reflections, drinkable but at the same time with a unique aromatic variability.



This new label was born from the idea of proposing a fresh and young version of red Tai, a native grape of the Berici Hills. The ripe grapes are harvested by hand and left to macerate with the skins for only a few hours, before being transferred to steel tanks until bottling, which takes place the year following the harvest. This is a young and lively wine, with floral scents typical of red Tai.


PIETROROSSO is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tai Rosso grapes harvested in the first days of September to maintain good acidity in the bottle. Fermentation occurs spontaneously in stainless steel tanks. Maceration is short, about 7 days. Pietrorosso is a wine born in 2018 designed to be fresh, low in alcohol and ready to drink.


NANNI is a Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes produced from two vineyards over thirty years old.
Spontaneous fermentation without the use of selected yeasts and maceration with the skins for 10 to 15 days. After decanting in steel tanks, the wine is left to rest until bottling which takes place without filtration. NANNI is a wine that fully reflects the Berici wines and their potential.


Red Tai in purity, harvested late and left to macerate with the skins for about two weeks.
After fermentation, it refines for about a year in used oak barrels and is then bottled.
A balanced Tai but at the same time structured with a very strong spicy hint. A wine that fully tells our land.


Merlot in purity obtained from a selection of grapes harvested towards the end of September. The wine is left to macerate for 3 weeks and then is placed in oak barrels where it will remain for a year. During the entire winemaking process no sulphites are added and it is not filtered before being bottled. Merlot is a wine that we produce only in the years in which the grapes ripen optimally from spring to harvest. It was born in 2016 with the idea of bottling a unique product that remains over time.